Sunset Sessions

‘Sunset Sessions’ are a series of live music sessions featuring exclusive performances by emerging and established local acts from SA, as well as touring acts.

The sessions are not your average run of the mill gigs; they are raw and unique performances, experimenting with breaking down the 4th wall between stage and audience. The intimate space, limited audience, and the ability for acts to ‘prepare’ their rooms to create their own little worlds, enhances this idea. These are raw shows where the act does their own sound using the room PAs and mixing desk, just like you would in rehearsal. We select acts that are not only great musically, but that we feel can really embrace this idea.

A professional film crew captures the life of each session, including live songs from each act, and the sessions are published online to document the series.

So come get up close and personal with the bands, be part of the filmed session and have a jam with your friends in the free “jam room” full of instruments.

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What acts get:

• 2 professionally filmed songs.

• Full door takings shared between bands (recommended at $6 per head or less)

• Your own room to prepare your set up, with plenty of time for soundcheck.

• Free Marketing and promotion of the Sunset Session performance and subsequent online release. The session will be uploaded via Vimeo and shared on the sunset blog, mailing list, website, and social media pages. 

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